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Newsbox 2.1 pagination help..

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Here's the script:
Here's my question, I'm using Squidfinger's Newsbox 2.1 script and I would like to know if there's any hint of a way to incorporate 'prev' and 'next' pagination into this script? Insteading of using a scrollbar, pagination would be so much more of a convenience to front-end users. I tried playing around with a couple different things and cannot seem to get it to work. It gives you an option to display '#' of entries and then a dropdown menu by month to search archives but is there a way to have 'previous' and 'next' on there that can override the month by month search but still allow month by month if needed?
If somebody could look at this script and perhaps know of a way it would be greatly appreciated.

Or does anybody know of a good system that is similiar that uses a better management rather than scrolling. Preferrably 'prev' 'next' type of pagination than I can incorporate into my existing site?? Such as how [url=http://www.squidfingers.com]www.squidfingers.com[/url] has on his main page but without the scroll bar.

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