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[SOLVED] Outputting new records


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I have a site which I upload records to-- we can call them leads. They are coded with a market and given a date they are uploaded.


I then have a query script which I can select a date and then email the leads based on that date. However this requires me looking up and seeing when the last day I emailed each market was.


I've been thinking of ways I can automate this so all new leads are emailed automatically each week or whatever(running a cron job)


I thought about adding a timestamp field to my markets table which is updated whenever the email script is run for that market.


I also thought of having a flag column for each record that is set when the record has been emailed.


Any suggestions on the best way to go about this?

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I would go with the timestamp option.  More information is usually better.  Then you can mail any market with a timestamp older than 7 days.


Another thing I would consider is a table recording every batch of emails ever done.


Are you using postgres?

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Well if it's a market that you want the timestamp associated with, I would do something like this:


ALTER TABLE markets ADD COLUMN last_mail_ts timestamp without time zone;


Or you could make it with time zone if you prefer.


To check if it's time for a mailout:


SELECT market, now() - last_mail_ts > '7 days'::interval AS its_time FROM markets;


Then each time you do a mailout:


UPDATE markets SET last_mail_ts = now() WHERE market = 'foomarket';


The other table I was talking about is just for logging, in case you want to look back and ask "When did i send mail to foomarket?".  It would be something like:


CREATE TABLE market_email_log
  mail_ts timestamp without time zone not null default now(),
  market text not null,


You might add a primary key or maybe additional information about what was mailed out.

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