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Help please with Login scripts linking to an existing PHPbb MySQL database?

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Hi from a newbie!

Just setting up my clan website and i'm using Dreamweaver 8; nice stuff i have to say!  Also i have set up a forum on my site using PHPbb 3 Orchard forum software and it works great and i'm happy with that too!

What i would like to do is: -

1) Pull data from the MySQL PHPbb forum on to my homepage and list the statistics of users & members registered, logged on, e-mails etc, etc.
2) Have a log on section on my home page which will log you on to the forum database before go to the forum link; then having to log in.  You with me?
3) open the PHPbb forum within my forum page, essentially opening a page within a page.

Lots of questions here and i would love some assistance in getting my site taylored and running nicely!

lookforward to yourt ideas!  ::)

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