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Vsignup (membership script

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I am starting a e-learning website to teach the Greek Language and am having some trouble with a authenticate/membership script call vSignup. I should let you know off the bat that I am very new at PHP. I have been working with HTML for awhile but just got into server side processing language. Let me give you as much info so it will be easy for you guys to help...


I have a apache server behind my firewall. I did this so I can develop the site and then go live at a later date. The site is accessible from the internet 

servers installed:
Page dir/
/htdocs(all pages are here)
vSignup installation:
1. Launch your database manager (phpMyAdmin) for MySQL and run the createdb.sql file.

2. Modify authconfig.php to match your database settings and your file pathing.

3. Modify auth.php to match your database settings.

4. Modify signup config to match your database settings, file pathing, and administrator email address.

step 1
Done. I see the information in MySQL

Step 2: Modify authconfig.php
$resultpage = "vAuthenticate.php";
$admin = "/vAuthenticate/admin/index.php";
$success = "/vAuthenticate/members/index.php";
$failure = "/failed.php";[/b]
(few lines down)

$[b]changepassword = "http://" . $_SERVER[''] . "/vSignup/chgpwd.php";
$login = "http://" . $_SERVER[''] . " /index.htm";
$logout = "http://" . $_SERVER[''] . "/vSignup/logout.php";
(dbhost, dbusername,dbpassword, and dbname are set.)[/b]

Step 3:Modify auth.php

all info set

step 4: Modify signup config

database info set

[b]$RelLogin = "/index.php";
$confirm = "http://" . $_SERVER[''] . "/confirm.php";[/b]Thats the config so far.

1st issue is that I can't access the administrator page. It says "after I have config all the pages to go to my the login.php( now my index.php) and enter the default username/password. When I do I get the following msg in my browser:

[i]You don't have permission to access/< on this server.[/i][i]2nd issue is when I try and signup a test user I get this msg:[/i]

Notice: Undefined index in c:\programsfile\apache2\htdocs\vSighup\signupconfig.php on line 39[/I[I]]Notice: Undefined index in c:\programsfile\apache2
\htdocs\vSighup\process.php on line 200
Thank you for signing up!

Now something must be working but I don't see the test user in the database(don't know if I am looking in the correct place) and when I try and login using the test user I get the same msg.

Thank you in advance

P.S I you need access to my server to see any pages or code please send me a private msg....Thanks

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