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Calendar - monthly overview of activities

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I am looking for a script that retrieves data (workshops, courses, trainings, ...) from a database and presents it in a montly overview.
For example : Augustus 2006  with a link or button to the previous and next month and then a table, 7 columns (one for each weekday) with name of weekday as a heading. When there are no activities, an empty cell is shown, when there is an activity the name is shown (as a link to more information) and the time the activity it starts.

I am sure such script exists wether it is on this site, in PEAR, PHPClasses, ... but can anyone recommend a script ?


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Active Calendar Class ( Download all files at the bottom of the page when you have finished seeing what it can do for you)

there is a downlaod all files link, save you getting 20 or 30 files yourself

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