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Is There a Way....???

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I am currently writing a PHP program that rips data from a popular site. I am then uploading this data into a MySQL database on my server. The problem is that there is about 200 - 250 page reloads (on this sites server) when the script is activated. I think they are cutting me off at about 25 - 30 page reloads. Needless to say I'm only getting a fraction of the information I need at one time. I have talked to the company and they do not mind me ripping the data as long as it does not backup their servers (completely understandable).


The solution I have come up with is to break the script into 20 - 30 different scripts that rip the data at different times throughout the day. This way there is only 10 page reloads per activivation of the script. Since there is no possible way to activate the script manually 30 times throughout the day to get all of the necessary data. This brings me to my question:


Can a .php script be activated automatically at a precise time that is set on a given day? (i.e. www.yourname.com/update.php will be loaded at 6:30 PM EST, on MON, WED, and FRI)?

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There's a program called "wincron" which works well. Use Google.

There is also the in-built window scheduler using the AT command but I find wincron is a lot easier.

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