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[SOLVED] Bizarre GD Library Issue


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I found a cool little script for resizing images on the fly with GD at the PHP[dot]net site:



See "Example #2 Resampling an image proportionally"


When I save that code as a self-contained file and modify the parameters to access an image, everything works perfectly. However, when I copy/paste the working code into another file in the exact same folder, the image renders as a bunch of garbled characters, like so:


�����JFIF��������� x{V��αq�wi5��{��f���Y�$�hmഅ|�0���|_�M�GOd������d����)m��l v��J��d��#,��3*����~Q���o_â~�>��.��MSG�[�vӬ,������9��n䶋h�1e�N� ��uO�


Has anyone else ever experienced this problem? If so, have you been able to fix it?


I have no idea why it'd be doing this, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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That's likely my problem. Crud. The plan was to have several of these displaying in different spots all over the page. I guess plan B would be to upload images to the webserver that saves the images to various sizes & locations & then call them into the pages already sized using standard image tags.


Does that make sense?

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Many thanks, PFMaBiSmAd.


I actually had a similar revelation as I was drifting off, so I jumped out of bed & fixed it all with passing values to the PHP image processing files with GET functions.


Image tags like <img src="img.php?filename=img/books/book1&width=210&height=500" /> work perfectly now.


Thanks for getting me straightened out.

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