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Parse Error with FOREACH()

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I have found a new way to produce errors when submitting a form, ya know so if something isn't filled in, it will produce an error. Here is my code:

[code]<?php // error checking

if(!$_POST['username']) $error[] = "A username was not entered"; // No username was entered
if(!$_POST['password'] || !$_POST['cpassword']) $error[] = "Please enter a password"; // No password was entered
if(strlen($_POST['password']) < 6 || strlen($_POST['cpassword']) < 6) $error[] = "Youre passwords do not match"; // Passwords less than 6 characters
if($_POST['password'] != $_POST['cpassword']) $error[] = "The passwords do not match"; // Passwords do not match
if(!$_POST['email'] || !$_POST['cemail']) $error[] = "An e-mail was not entered"; // No e-mail was entered
if(!checkmail($_POST['email']) || !checkmail($_POST['cemail'])) $error[] = "Youre e-mail address is an invalid format"; // E-Mail address is invalid
if($_POST['email'] != $_POST['cemail']) $error[] = "Youre e-mail address do not match"; // E-Mail address' do not match
if(!$_POST['roleplay']) $error[] = "You did not provide a sample role play"; // No role play entered

if($error) { // if an error is found
$msg = "<p>The following error\'s occured:<br />\n";
$msg .= "<ul>\n"
foreach($error as $value) {
$msg .= "<li>$value</li>\n";
$msg .= "</ul></p>\n";

echo $msg;

Now when I try to run the code, I get this error:

[quote]Parse error: parse error in c:\server\www\join\application.php on line 86[/quote]

Line 86 been: [b]foreach($error as $value) {[/b]

What's odd is I have tried this on my localhost on a different page and that work's perfectly, but yet this code, which the only difference is that I have a few more $error[] variables and instead of [i]if(!$error) { echo("bleh"); } else {[/i] I just have [i]if($error) {[/i] which I doubt should make a big difference right?

Any help given will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for you're time.


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Its not the foreach line, But the line above that. You have a missing semi-colon - [b];[/b] - at the end of line 87 which is this:
[code]$msg .= "<ul>\n"[/code]
Add a semi-colon at the end of that line.

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Dammit, I knew it would be something really simple, something that I missed o_0 that's always the case!

Thanks for pointing it out!

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