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Transferring a database to a new server.


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Now I know I may asking the lamest of questions, but  I have two domains.  www.dmj.fm (the new one) and www.discoverymusic.jp (the one I am leaving).


I still have a couple of links going to the old domain because those run on a database.  I tried to just move the files to the new server/domain and was successful except that if I move the two database files I get this error: 


Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user 'dmj_2'@'localhost' (using password: YES) in /virtual/story/public_html/www.dmj.fm/jc/cms/cms_class.php on line 15


Do I have to change something in the cms_class.php or do I have to edit the database?

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well for the most part your suggestion is correct pbs, except the updating the cms_class.php. it seems to me as if hunters is using some kind of cms. the cms_class.php file may not hold the database settings it is just trying to connect to the database in that file which is why it is showing the error there. so what you need to do is find out where your database connections are coming from. Usually these are put in some kind of config file. if you find the config file just update it with your database settings for the new server. optionally another way you could do this which would be easier is to just simply create the same user and password on the new server. that would make all your connections correct without having to change config files. That is assuming that the databases on each server are configured as localhost and not pointing to a different domain.

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I have almost got it.  This stuff is so confusing.  I moved the log and creation files to the new server and changed the password.


Still not right though.  here is one of the old pages on the old site.  http://www.discoverymusic.jp/jc/message.html  notice the comments in place.


but on the new site: http://www.dmj.fm/jc/message.html the comments are missing.  I knew I should of went to MIT instead of Humboldt.  lol

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