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Good Evening..


I have a question that I know someone here can help me out with...

Thanks in Advance..


I need use a FORM with two table, at first UPDATE record in a table and after INSERT record in other table.

The idea is make a log. <_<

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Ready? Let's start...


Here's what I would do.


Depending on how you get your data to your form, you store the unique id for the record and pass it when the form is submitted.


On your processing page, check to see if there is a unique id for the record, if there is, update, else insert.


Make sense?


OK, example:


if ($unique_id)
// If it's an update, er, well, update.
$query = "UPDATE ... "; 
// Add the information to the database
$query = "INSERT INTO ... ";


If you are editing, you get the information from the database, so you can retrieve the id at the same time, pop it into a hidden field and, Bob, as they say, is your uncle.


New records will have nothing in the hidden field, so no chance of an update.


Hope this helps...









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