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php include in dreamweaver problem

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hey guys .. this is my problem ....


i've done a page ... index.php and also menu.php ...

so .. i include the menu.php in the index.php ... and the index page turned ugly.. but when i preview it .... the page cameout nice.. just as i wanted.


later when i remove the <?php include('menu.php'); ?> .at the index.php .... when i refresh dreamweaver says " Making this change would require changing code that is locked by a template or a translator.The change would be discarded"


:( .. so how do i overcome this problem ?

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Sadly this is a problem in dreamweaver. tables are fidely to work with at the best of times and even more so when using include with padding in tables. Yes they look ugly. Try using layers to build your pages with tables inside to lay out the individual content of each individual element.

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