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Need Help with Calendar/Flat-File sorting/filtering

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I am doing work on my schools website, and I am working on integrating the calendar with the homepage upcomming events. The tech crew at my school refuses to install MySQL becasue of security issues, so I am forced to use a flat-file database which I have little experience with. I am using a calendar script called FlatCalendar, which I have customized to fit the homepage, however, when it lists the events it sorts them by key (order in which they were added) and I need to have them sorted by date. This would be fairly easy, but the script is written with seperated day, month, and year values. I also need to find a way to have the events filtered so they don't display after they are past. Any Ideas?

I have attached the scripts. The actual script is in the index.php file and the database file is in calendar\calendar.dat. The code in the index file is also below.

//always returns true so all records will be returned
function returnAll($item){
          return true;

//displays record

function show_record($record){
         $eventNumber = $record["event_key"];
         $eventName = $record["event_name"];
         $eventYear = $record["event_year"];
         $eventDay = $record["event_day"];
         $eventMonth = $record["event_month"];
//I wrote this part, which translates the name of the month stored in the db into a number
if ($eventMonth == January) { $eventMonth = '01';}
if ($eventMonth == Febuary) { $eventMonth = '02';}
if ($eventMonth == March) { $eventMonth = '03';}
if ($eventMonth == April) { $eventMonth = '04';}
if ($eventMonth == May) { $eventMonth = '05';}
if ($eventMonth == June) { $eventMonth = '06';}
if ($eventMonth == July) { $eventMonth = '07';}
if ($eventMonth == August) { $eventMonth = '08';}
if ($eventMonth == September) { $eventMonth = '09';}
if ($eventMonth == October) { $eventMonth = '10';}
if ($eventMonth == November) { $eventMonth = '11';}
if ($eventMonth == December) { $eventMonth = '12';}
//This is an attemt to add the year, month, and day into a sortable format
$eventdate = $eventYear+$eventMonth+$eventDay;
//This was supposed to add the date record to the schema, but I dont think this worked
$eventdate = $record["event_date"];

         echo "<tr><td align=\"left\" valign=\"top\"><img src=\"images/homepage/OrangeBullet.jpg\" width=\"18\" height=\"19\" alt=\"bullet\" /></td>
         <td width=\"200\"><a href=\"calendar/viewEvent.php?eventNumber=$eventNumber\" class=\"viewall\" target=\"_blank\">$eventName</a></td>
         <td width=\"100\"><font class=\"viewall\">$eventMonth-$eventDay-$eventYear</font></td>";

// Include the FFDB library

//open db or create new db
$db = new FFDB();
if (!$db->open("calendar/calendar"))
   // Define the database shema.
   $schema = array(
      array("event_key", FFDB_INT, "key"),
      array("event_name", FFDB_STRING),
      array("event_description", FFDB_STRING),
      array("event_submitted_by", FFDB_STRING),
      array("event_month", FFDB_STRING),
      array("event_day", FFDB_INT),
      array("event_year", FFDB_INT),
  array("event_date", FFDB_INT),

echo "<table><tr>
$result = $db->getbyfunction("returnAll", 'event_month');

foreach($result as $item)
echo "</table></td></tr></table>

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