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Please someone help me with this error

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What the hell is oing on, this is my following code


connect(); //Connects to the database

$name = strip_tags($_POST['name']);
$lname = strip_tags($_POST['lname']);
$email = strip_tags($_POST['email']);
$hphone = strip_tags($_POST['phone']);
$cphone = strip_tags($_POST['cphone']);
$password = md5($_POST['pass']);

//$insertquery = 'INSERT INTO agent (name, a_lname, email, phone, cell, pass) VALUES(' . "$name" . ',' . "$lname" . ',' . "$email" . ',' . "$hphone" . ',' . "$cphone" . ',' .  "$password" . ');';
$insertquery = "INSERT INTO agent (name, lname, email, phone, cell, pass) VALUES ($name, $lname, $email, $hphone, $cphone, '$pass');";
if(mysql_query("$insertquery")) {
$_SESSION['success'] = "Thank you, your Agent has been Signed up";
header("Location: ../thanks/thanks.php");
} else {

$error = mysql_error();
echo "$error";
$errormsg = "INSERT INTO information (error, ip) VALUES ($error, $ip);";


What the following does is just take simple input from a form and insert in into the mysql database, everything matches, the table names etc are correct, but everytime i go to submit it i get this error

"Unknown name in feildlist"  (The name being the section for the agents first name), but then it keeps jumping around, last night when i gave up and when to bed it was complaining that the md5() password wasn't in the feildlist???????

Please help me guys/girls? :(

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Hard to debug this not knowing the tables but try doing this since you are sure the table names are exactly the same:

"INSERT INTO agent (`name`, `lname`, `email`, `phone`, `cell`, `pass`) VALUES ('$name', '$lname', '$email', '$hphone', '$cphone', '$pass')"

Not sure if that will fix it but I would check again and make sure that the field names are really in the table you are using.

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Well that did the trick, cheers for that, will remember to use that syntax for the sql insert.

Cheers mate you are a life saver :)

Now time to do some security on the forms

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