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Linking Scripts / Session Variables

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I want to link together a few scripts into one website, but I want the users to be able to login anywhere on the scripts or website and we logged in for good, whereever they go.

Can I do that?

One guy said I could link the session variable, but that doesn't seem right. Isn't there a way to link them together, or do I need to take one script and expand it into the entire website?

I want to take a directory script and add:

Access to multiple databases
Access to information articles
Access to information pages
Single user login
Links to ecommerce PHP/Mysql webcart.

Would it be easier to link several scripts to give me all of that finctionality, or use the directory script and add the other functionality?

Please give me your ideas and how hard it would be. If you are a coder and want a job, give me a bid. I have the scripts ready to go. thnx

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