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uploading files to ftp using php(help)

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// get FTP access parameters
$host = "sssasdas";
$user = "admin@tpfrpg.byethost32.com"
$pass = "password"
$destDir = "../pics/";
$workDir = "/usr/pics/temp"; // define this as per local system

// get temporary file name for the uploaded file
$tmpName = basename($_FILES['file']['tmp_name']);

// copy uploaded file into current directory
move_uploaded_file($_FILES['file']['tmp_name'], $workDir."/".$tmpName)
or die("Cannot move uploaded file to working directory");

// open connection
$conn = ftp_connect($host) or die ("Cannot initiate connection to

// send access parameters
ftp_login($conn, $user, $pass) or die("Cannot login");

// perform file upload
$upload = ftp_put($conn, $destDir."/".$_FILES['file']['name'],
$workDir."/".$tmpName, FTP_BINARY);

// check upload status
// display message
if (!$upload) {
  echo "Cannot upload";
} else {
  echo "Upload complete";

// close the FTP stream

// delete local copy of uploaded file
unlink($workDir."/".$tmpName) or die("Cannot delete uploaded
file from working directory -- manual deletion recommended");

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need a lil help with upoloding files with php
$host = "localhost";
is that right do i put localhost or ftp://aaasas..asdds.com
srry never done this before

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