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Combine SQL with PHP

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Hi I originally posted this is the database forum but I think its more a PHP problem now. I recently had to seperate my two queries as the server that I need to use does not support the UNION function. I have been told to combine them but not sure how to. Can anyone please assist. Thank You

$sql = "SELECT SUM(pd_price * od_qty)
            FROM tbl_order_item oi, tbl_product p
            WHERE oi.pd_id = p.pd_id and oi.od_id = $orderId";
$result1 = dbQuery($sql);
$sql2 = "SELECT od_shipping_cost
            FROM tbl_order
            WHERE od_id = $orderId";
$result2 = dbQuery($sql2);

if (dbNumRows($result1) == 2) {
$row = dbFetchRow($result1);
$totalPurchase = $row[0];

$row = dbFetchRow($result2);
$shippingCost = $row[0];

$orderAmount = $totalPurchase + $shippingCost;

return $orderAmount;
Any help will be great. THX :)

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solved prob! it was as simple as adding

if (dbNumRows($result1) == 1 && dbNumRows($result2) == 1) {


because previously if (dbNumRows($result1) == 2) {
this means that id expect there to be 2 rows as a result of the UNION query. by separating the queries each should have at least 1 record.

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