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relationships question

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Hi all,

Am working on a database project for my company and have pretty much everything set up.  However I am unsure whether a relationship is needed here.  Let me explain :

We have different types of customers and have a table  holding these that is related to the customers table.  When a customer makes a sale the cust ID is related to that sale carrying with it the customer type.  Then our products are given as a different price depending on their type.  Do I need a relationship between the Cutomers table, value type to the Product table, value type?

Does this make sense, the Sales table is connected to the Product table via Purchase Order key.

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I'd set the relationship to the cust_type table type field. IF you print a price list, say, you need that one.

cust_type    customer    sales        product      price
----------  ---------    --------      ---------    ---------
cust_type -+  cust_id -+  purch_ord  +- prod_id  --- prod_id
type_desc  |  name    |  prod_id  -+  prod_desc  +- cust_type
          +- type    +- cust_id                  |  price
          |                                      |

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