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error with foreach() and multidimentional array FIXED

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solution : the multidimentional array was empty (no POST calls)

I am getting this error...

[quote]Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in...[/quote]

for this code..

foreach($requestArr AS $request)
{  //for each POST, GET
  foreach($request AS $varName) //this line

$requesrArr is basicly _GET and _POST put together as a multi array..

  [POST] => array(),
  [GET] => array()

i dont understand why im getting this error, as i normaly only appears if the array doesnt exist.. but it does, i have even checked it with print_r()

  [POST] => Array (
                            [0] => 0
  [GET] =>  Array (
                            [0] => 0
                            [1] => into
                            [2] => auto
                            [3] => debug
  [0] =>
) [/quote]

oh and as a side note.. how can i get rid of the '0' key... as i only define 'POST' and 'GET' as keys

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