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Converting Perl code to PHP

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I'm trying to convert a perl script I wrote some time ago to PHP.  It checks the form submitted and uses some reg expressions to format the text of the textarea fields and display the formatted text.

Since I'm fairly new to PHP, I don't know the proper syntax for making an array of the content and spliting it by newline, then running through some elseif logic to check for types of content then substituting in a foreach loop.

For example, in Perl I had:

@lines = split(\n,$tableofcontents);

foreach (@lines, $wz) {

if ($wz =~  '[0-9]\.(.*?)\W' ) {

s|([0-9]\.(.*?)\W|<a href=\"\#H$1\"\>$1. $2\<\/a\>\<br\>\n|g;

etc, etc...

SO I tried rewriting it as...

$wordz == explode('\n',$toc);

foreach ($wordz as $wz) {

if ($wz =~  '[0-9]\.(.*?)\W' ) {

...It's erroring on the foreach line - what is the proper way to make and loop an array from one form field?



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You'll want to use:
$wordz = explode("\n", $toc);

rather than $wordz == explode('\n',$toc);

== is the comparision operater, checks whether something on the left is equal to something on the right.
= is the assignment operator

Also notice I use double quotes around \n. This becuase PHP will treat \n as a string if use single quotes, rather than as a new line character.

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