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phpBB - using DB for non-phpBB pages

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I posted this same thread over in the phpBB forums, but I often get more help over here with all you "freaks". anyway, here's my problem:

I'm trying to use the phpbb user database for another part of my webpage. I was reading the following article:
It clearly explains how to check for authentication to make sure someone is logged in, so that if I want members-only parts of my site, it is now easy to do so.

But it does not answer my question for recognizing specifically who that user is. If I were to have a page where people could comment on something.. say an image... and I want their username to be displayed, I would need to authenticate their session (which I can now do), but then recognize WHO they are.

Is there another tutorial on this that I've overlooked?

Thanks for the help in advance!

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My qusetion was answered over at phpBB.com, so in case anyone else is interested:

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