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Does Javascript Interfere with Passing Variables from Flash to PHP?

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Here is my situation; I have a Flash mc (Flash 8) that passes variables to a php page, which then, in turn, uploads the variables into a MySQL database. Everything was working well until I added a javascript snippet to open a pop-up window, and then everything just went to pot! The variables didn't get passed from the Flash movie to the php script. In a panic, I removed the javascript, but the variables still aren't being passed.

My question is; does anyone out there lnopw whether or not javascript interferes with the passing of variables in from Flash to php? Should I be looking elsewhere for the source of my problem?

Thanks for any help.  ???

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unless the javascript specifically accesses the $_GET variables and changes/deletes them, then no, it does not interfere with them.  your clue should have been your own attempt to fix it: if you removed the javascript, and it still doesn't work, then obviously that's not the problem. 

since by some coincidence it still doesn't work, even though you removed the javascript, i would a) check to see if you are uploading your reverted script to the correct place. b) go make sure that you didn't inadvertently remove some other piece of script, in addition to the javascript.

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