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repeat region - printer friendly columns?

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Hi I have a recordset that I display on a page. It's about 64 records of only 3 fields. I want to make the page 2 columns so it can be printed on one paper from the web.


I tried the Looper 2 behaviour for PHP and mySQL (what I use), but unfortunately, it lists things horizontaly. I need the lists to read from top to bottom.


Any ideas? In other words, I need 50 percent of a recordset listed on the left side of the page, and 50 percent on the right. If only I knew how to manually edit the code in the advanced section of Dreamweaver MX 2004. Maybe that is the answer? If so, anyone have some code I could try?


3 columns might even be nice. (1/3 of the recordset each)...

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You must modify the array of the results in the query and output a code snippet after every other loop of the result ie </td></tr><tr><td> to divide your repeating region into 2 cells. The cycle where the code is not outputted the region will end normally with </td>




If you are still struggling tommorow post here, I may have some time to help out

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