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Bug in PHP or Invalid Query?


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I am making some changes to an existing website. I did not write the code, the code is horrid. Any who, I have this query:


$query = "INSERT INTO `games` (sport,hsid,homescore,vsid,visitorscore,type,`where`,location,date,time,found) VALUES ('$sport','$hq[id]','$homescore','$vq[id]','$visitorscore','$type','Here','$location','$date','$time','1')";
	mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());


It looks very odd to me, it has a WHERE and a HERE, why? Why not use a update query? Unless this does not update. I am not sure.


However, the ID that is inserted is this: 2147483647 (the highest prime number known so far: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2147483647)


I am thinking it is this very odd insert query, if not I must dig a little deeper. Any Ideas?


Oops: I had a brain fart, the where is a column in the DB, and the here is the value! Man, I am dumb. Does any one have any idea why I get this as the ID?

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thanks, I will try that solution next.

I built this function:


function makeNum(){
		$q = mysql_query("SELECT id FROM games WHERE id = '$num'");
		$n = 1; //Starters.
		while($n != 0){
				$_SESSION['dbNum'] = mysql_num_rows(mysql_query("SELECT id FROM games"));
			$num = rand($_SESSION['dbNum'] , 2147483647); 
			$n = mysql_num_rows($q);
		return $num;
	echo makeNum();


I think it might work, what do you think?

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Is the ID current used in other database records ?

if it is then an update could be a pain, but i would probably create a function to run once to clean up the data, rather than a function to attempt to get around it, as it could cause problems later will affect performance from the start

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