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Callback Function problem

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  I am getting following error.

Warning: session_set_save_handler() [function.session-set-save-handler]: Argument 2 is not a valid callback in /home/ephlox/public_html/accounts/include/misc/auth.inc.php on line 30

Here is my PHP Code.

Can you help me how i can fix this problem ? Please kindly write correct code here. Or upload correct code anywhere and give me the URL. Your help will be very appreciated thanks.

Best Regards from,
Farrukh Hussain

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Always check manual first,

and read the Error message.
"Argument 2 needs valid callback"

and from your pastebin, seems like you didnt have anything for 2nd Argument
                        "",                              //<- need valid callback here
                        "sess_mysql_gc");[/code]Where is 2nd argument? you only put ""

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