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External Click Counter

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Hi all.

Just set up a website and need to create an external click counter to find out who is clicking on my advertisers and more importantly how often.

I was told I will need a PHP script for this. I have a VERY BASIC knowledge of HTML and know nothing about PHP.

My website is [url=http://www.iwantafreehouse.com]www.iwantafreehouse.com[/url]

Can someone give me an example of a basic webpage with a link and this type of counter and tell me how I actually get the results??

Thanks all!!


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since the url of the link is probably not to your own site, but your advertiser's site, you're either going to have to attach some javascript to your html to capture the info whilste whisking the user away to the other site, or else modify the ad link to point to your own script on your server, where you can get your own information, and then redirect to the link's original destination. 

either way, after you get the info, you're gonna have to store it in either a database or flatfile. 

that's pretty much the logic behind it.  hopefully you can use this info to get you started, but your question coupled with "i barely know html, no php" is like asking someone how to ride a bike when you are barely learning to crawl.  There's an awefully long distance between point A (where you're at now) to point B (where you want to be).  Too long to cover in a single thread or even several. 

All i can suggest is to try to find a prefab site/ad tracking script or else start with the basics, learn your first "hello world" with php, etc...

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I knew someone would come up with anther MillionPixel website.  :)

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