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Cannot connect to Mysql using DW

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HTTP Error Code 404 File Not Found. Here are some possible reasons for the problem:


1) There is no testing server running on the server machine.

2) The testing server specified for this site does not map to the http://localhost/_mmServerScripts/MMHTTPDB.php URL. Verfiy that blah blah blah...


This is the 2nd tutorial that I followed through line by line and still can't connect DWMX to MYSQL server. Judgin by the forums I've been in and seen this problem exists, but so far I have not found a clear cut and dry fix for this.


I am running:




MySql 4.0.2



Databases are not my strong points, that's why I'm tryin to learn them through tutorials. I really don't know where to go from here because anytime I try to connect to my databases I create, I get that error. Please help, I am in deperate need.




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had the exact same problem, and here's what corrected it:


if you're hosting your site remotely, (like myself), and you upload your site, for some reason that stupid file doesn't upload to the www directory like it's suppose to. Here's the solution. Get SmartFTP and force an upload of that file into your www directory. Then Dreamweaver will have no problem finding it, and it will work good. :D

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or if perchance you're hosting locally, make sure that your testing server is in the location of your server, ie: apache: (htdocs folder), or that you've told your server where your new www directory is.

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Hi, im having this problem. i have tried everything that has been posted, still cant get it to work.


I have DW MX (6.1 updated) and i have tried MX2004(V7 Trial) still the same. my ISP has MySQL & php (phpMyAdmin) installed and the databases are set up... i have a caledar running that i installed, and that works fine. but i cant connect to mysql from DW, i have created a DB with 3 fields, (and put data into them) click on connect in DW and put in the name, server details, username and password, click on test and it always says undefined error, i cant use live view becausse it wont connect...


your help is appreciated.



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<<Enable MySQL>>

Click Commmand Prompt


Type in


C:\Documents and Settings\User>cd\


C:\>cd mysql\bin\mysqld --console

The system cannot find the path specified.


C:\>cd mysql\bin\


C:\mysql\bin>mysqld --console


***if you see this -- its enabled


C:\mysql\bin>mysqld --console

040815 21:41:10 InnoDB: Started; log sequence number 0 43634

mysqld: ready for connections.

Version: '5.0.0-alpha-max-debug' socket: '' port: 3306



<<<Connecting to a database>>>


To create a database connection to your MySQL database:


Open a PHP page in Dreamweaver, then open the Databases panel (Window > Databases).

Click the plus (+) button on the panel and choose MySQL Connection from the pop-up menu.

The MySQL Connection dialog box appears.


Complete the dialog box and click OK.

For more information, see Setting the MySQL Connection dialog box options.


The new connection appears in the Databases panel.



<<<Setting the **MySQL Connection dialog box** options>>>


The purpose of this dialog box is to create a database connection for a PHP application.


Make sure the MySQL server is started before completing this dialog box.



Enter a name for the new connection.

Note: Do not use any spaces or special characters in the name.


In the MySQL Server box, specify the computer hosting MySQL.

Enter an IP address or a server name. If MySQL is running on the same computer as PHP, you can enter localhost.


Enter your MySQL user name and password.

In the Database box, enter the name of the database, or click Select and choose the database from the list of MySQL databases.

Click Test.

Dreamweaver attempts to connect to the database. If the connection fails, double-check the server name, user name, and password. If the connection still fails, check the settings for the folder Dreamweaver uses to process dynamic pages (see Specifying where dynamic pages can be processed).


Click OK.

The new connection appears in the Databases panel.




Test it with this sample program in Dreamweaver:

Using the following commands .. View>>Live Data or Ctrl+Shift+r



/* Connecting, selecting database */

$link = mysql_connect("MYSQL server box/IP address/server name", "username", "password")

or die("Could not connect : " . mysql_error());

echo "Connected successfully";

mysql_select_db("Database _box/Database name") or die("Could not select database");


/* Performing SQL query */

$query = "SELECT * FROM Table";

$result = mysql_query($query) or die("Query failed : " . mysql_error());


/* Printing results in HTML */

echo "<table>\n";

while ($line = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC)) {

echo "\t<tr>\n";

foreach ($line as $col_value) {

echo "\t\t<td>$col_value</td>\n";


echo "\t</tr>\n";



echo "</table>\n";


/* Free resultset */



/* Closing connection */





********Note: These strings in the program depend on what you put in the **MySQL Connection dialog box**


MYSQL server box/IP address/server name

MySQL user name

MySQL password

MYSQL Database _box/Database name


Author's note FYI:

In future, problem please refer to Help>>Tutorials>>search(tab) and key in

the_title_of_the_topic_you_don't_understand , for example, php and mysql



However if the Dreamweaver still can't work then install...


"MyODBC-standard-3.51.9-win.exe" about 5.8mb from




then goto Control Panel>>Administrative Tools>>Data Sources (ODBC)


See the User DSN (tab) and click the Add button

You'll see the Create_a_new_data_source scroll box; so scroll down further and find the "MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver" you installed earlier. click it.

Later DNS configuration for the new driver pops up.


See <<DSN information>>

Enter the... data source name: Any_name_you want


See <<MySQL connection parameters>>

Enter the... Host/Server Name(or IP): the MYSQL server box/IP address/server name


see the.. <<database name>>

enter the database name in the MySQL folder..eg the default database name "TEST"


for the rest, enter them with your own common sense...except the SQL command on connect, which you can leave blank.


After that,click Test Data Source...


if error please double check; else Congratulations and try to steps at the top again.


Author's note:

I'm not really sure this will work, because it's just one of the preparations I did -- before I managed to connect successfully. But to tell you the truth, I don't know what Data Sources (ODBC) is for? Wonder any one know?


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