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SOLVED - Empty Queries & Numbers w/out value

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I'm new to programming and I am trying to modifying a program. 

I want make a change so that the name appears instead of the associated, stored id#.  When I echo the variable for the id#, I get the number --Good so far.  When I do the query with a set number (not the variable), I get the name.--Also good.  However, when I try to do anything with that variable (number), it acts "dead'' as if it has no value as a number.  In the thousands of ways that I have written the query I get "Error 1065 - Query was empty",  "S" and  " ' ' " .  When I try to add the variable to 100 (for example) it comes back as 100, as if the variable equals 0. If I do an IF/ELSE with a < or > the first choice is returned. 

Is that possible?

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