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Hi everyone,


I'm looking for a web based Video Conferencing program that use Flash or even PHP, I looked everywhere and 99% of them are FLASH but I couldn’t find any open source program and most of them are the website that provide you Conferencing on their own server. I tried to get into this field and had RED-5 server installed and everything but it’s so complicated.


Anyway is anyone can show me a good program that I can try


I need it to be able to do Multi casting (2+ people in conference with Camera)


Any help!?!?!?


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I don't know a lot of CMU software, but I do know Big Blue Button quite well, that's a great open source software. We use it at TALCOD (French Web and Open source agency I work in) to build videoconferencing tools tailored to each organization and I can tell that customers are quite satisfied with it. It is also possible to join a videoconference by phone call. It is a really interesting solution.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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