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session id apeending problem

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I'm having trouble getting my main site to append the sid from my forums, i'm trying to setup the login, welcome username, etc. on my main site.

I use phpbb 2.0.10 and my website is at http://www.geovanie.com

If you want to see my test page go to index-test.php at the end of the url above.

What i'm trying to do is get it to recognize the session id's, however I embed my pages into the site using ?page=name

Each pages loads directly into the index.php file, but when i have it append the sid it'll come up index.php?page=staff&sid=jh3938y23khj23984h

the sid is always random, and it won't load the page.


Could someone please help me with this, if you need to see some of my code or anything just let me know.

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