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PHP $_POST[Variable] issue

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Dear All,

I am using fck editor embedded php coding for my content management system.

Please see the code of the form page

[code]<!-- FORM PAGE -->

$oFCKeditor = new FCKeditor('cmsTextEnglish') ;
$oFCKeditor->BasePath = 'FCKeditor/';
$oFCKeditor->Value = "$dataRow->cmsTextEnglish";
$oFCKeditor->Create() ;

<!-- FORM PAGE -->[/code]


[code]<!-- CODE -->

$cmsTextEnglish = $_POST['cmsTextEnglish'] ;
$cmsTextGreek = $_POST['cmsTextGreek'];
$title_en = $_POST['title_en'];
$title_gr = $_POST['title_gr'];
$lang = $_POST['lang'];
$checkid = $_POST['checkid'];

// update query for updating the content in to the content table
$sql = "UPDATE cms
englishTitle = '".$title_en."',
cmsTextEnglish = '".$cmsTextEnglish."',
latestUpdated = NOW()
cmsID = '$checkid'";

<!-- CODE -->
My Problem is if the formatting or the text in the fckeditor field is big [large] then the text does not get updated. Do you think the the post variable is getting cutoff after passing the values or is it the problem of mysql database. I dont see any chnages even I submit the form in the database.

For more information I made cmsTextEnglish field name as text datatype in Mysql.

I would be very glad if some one could help me with this.

Thanks in Advance,
Vamsee Vanaparthy

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Would addslashes help here? As in

[code]englishTitle = '".addslashes($title_en)."',
cmsTextEnglish = '".addslashes($cmsTextEnglish)."', [/code]

Ronald  8)

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