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Help with Dynamic Content and Databases

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I've invested in Dreamweaver (Studio8) because with CSS, page layouts not only can be changed easily but also can become dynamic: The content is stored in a database and presented as necessary, with instant updates. [i]With dynamic content, it's possible for 100 people to go to the same Web site and get 100 different versions.[/i]

I'm building a Website which gives the user a different experience depending on membership level, which is determined by account age.  In other words, a six-month old account will have access to more content than a three-month old account, which in turn will have more access than a one-month old account.

Because CSS/PHP/MySQL have such broad and varied applications, I'd really appreciate some guidance about what areas to focus on, in order to achieve the kind of setup I have in mind.

Many thanks!

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Well, for one thing, we're at a site of PHP gurus, so the description is a little redundant.
That being said, try http://www.interaktonline.com/ for extensions-those things are incredibly useful for me, and you can use IF statements, or recordsets with conditional statements.
Now, because you're using Dreamweaver, I'd focus on HTML/CSS code, then the PHP, then MySQL (though if you get the interAKT visual recordset creator, that does save time.)

I sound like an ad, but they really do work.
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