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A text field is not displaying all my data

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I have created a page which allows users to enter their bio information. Once the page is submitted, the bio information is stored correctly on the database. I then have another page which displays the bio to others, and I can not get it to display over 255 characters. The field is defined as a VARCHAR (2000) in the database.


I have attempted to change the display field from a regular text field to a text area and even just tried dropping the data in without a field format. My data still gets cut off but it remains in full on the database.


Is there a limit to the data that can be displayed in DreamWeaver MX?


Please let me know

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Heh. Simple problem, simple solution. The maximum column length of a VARCHAR field is between 0 and 255. Read more about this and the CHAR types here. Basically, you'll want to change your column type to a BLOB or TEXT, whatever you see fit.

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