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Function call doesn't work


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Hi everyone,


I have stared at the following problem for so long that I may be missing something very elementary; I was hoping somebody might spot it.


I wrote a piece of code which includes a call to a function someone else wrote. They are in two different files: "File.php" (which I wrote) and "Functions1.php." The latter, Functions1.php, contains the fuction the other guy wrote.


When I launch File.php to the browser, I get the following message:

Warning: get_object_vars() expects parameter 1 to be object, string given in C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\dev\Functions1.php on line 20


Here is the pertinent part of File.php:

require_once ("Functions1.php");

$lastxml = basename('c:/program files/xampp/htdocs/dev/xmlfilename.xml');
$output= simplexml_load_file($lastxml);
   $rr = object2array($output);
   $fdate = getdatafromfilename($lastxml);
   $fversion = getdatafromfilename($lastxml,1);
   $generated_date = trim($rr['IMODocHeader']['CreatedAt']);
   $generated_date = str_replace("T"," ",$generated_date);

///////////  Database Settings  //////////////
   $db_hostname = "localhost";
   $db_name = "db1";
   $db_username = "jacksmith";
   $db_password = "password1";
   $cxn = mysql_connect($db_hostname, $db_username, $db_password);

$insert2sourceinfo2 =   "insert into sourceinfo2
                  (xmlname, filedate, version, generated)
                  VALUES ('$lastxml', '$fdate', '$fversion', '$generated_date')";
                  mysql_query($insert2sourceinfo2, $cxn);
$lastSid = mysql_insert_id();


And here's the code for the function "object2array" in the file Functions1.php:

// converts the xml file into a php object;
function object2array($object)
   $return = NULL;
       foreach($object as $key => $value)
           $return[$key] = object2array($value);
       $var = get_object_vars($object);
           foreach($var as $key => $value)
               $return[$key] = object2array($value);
           return strval($object);

   return $return;


The variable $lastxml outputs properly when I execute print_r($lastxml), and the variables $fdate and $fversion also output properly.


Any ideas? Thanks!

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