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mysql search + php question

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Hey i was just wondering, i'm building a search engine type script.

I was wondering, i have just build a section of the page, where users can upload an image, descriptions about the image etc and they have a section to enter keywords for that image.

Say up to 200 odd keywords per image.

Now i have a seperate page, the search page, so if someone searched for the word  "Watch" it would search through the keyword section of the database for the word "watch" and bring back the proper results.

My question is, would i use "SELECT * FROM" or is there a proper method if searching the database just for one word, when there is another 199 words with it also?

If you get my drift?

please anyone?

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Your database should look something like this
image            keyword
----------      -----------
imageID    ----< imageID
image_desc      keyword[/pre]

So you might have this in the image table
imageID  |  image_desc
  1    |  Moonrise over Yosemite
  2    |  My family  [/pre]
and in the keyword table
imageID  |  keyword
  1    |  moonrise
  1    |  landscape
  1    |  yosemite
  1    |  ansel
  1    |  adams
  2    |  family
  2    |  personal
  2    |  people  [/pre]
So if you want to search for images with keyword "landscape"
$search = "landscape";
$sql = "SELECT i.imageID, i.image_desc
        FROM image i INNER JOIN keyword k ON i.imageID = k.imageID
        WHERE k.keyword = '$search' ";

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