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Upload/Download Script with Directory

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I need an Upload/Download script that has directories and user system

Similar to http://www.torrentspy.com/

If anyone knows of a script (Not a CMS) I would be most thankful.

The site isnt for Torrents or Warez so you wouldnt be helping to launch a warez website.

Infact its for http://www.psdoutlet.com/

I aim to create a huge PSD File share website. Jobs are infact available:

Graphic Designers
Forum Moderators
Website Management

You will be paid with a VIP Reseller account (You will have a VIP account and be able to sell VIP Accounts for £5.00 a month, all the money goes to you)

Also, if you make the PHP Code, you will also be paid with a VIP Reseller Account

------------                                                                                                            ------------

If anyone can help I will be most thankful. Contact me : tom@synitex.com

MSN: tom@synitex.com

Thanks in advanced,

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This needs to go in freelance part as youve got the money.

Post the money and i post the script good luck.

does it go like this .

1: a user press a link via catagory then the user can downlaod the programs via a link.

2: if a user uploads a program the users program goes in the catagory the users program is .

3: display all users programs via search cataogory.
thats it easy.

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