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Get records from mysql

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Hi guys hope some one can help me out, Im displaying records from my mysql database, getting the records I have no problems with. However when I display the data on my page words with ' get replaced by the ?.

Such as if i store the folllowing a table field, Hi I'm fine when I display the data from the table to a page I get Hi I?m fine.

Can some one kindly help me out here, is it to do with the way I get my results from my database for is it to do with the SQL syntax?

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Hi thanks for your response.I have another database which has a table and I have text witin the table which consists of quote marks, I am able to view the data from the other database with no problem.

The database I am having problems with is the phpbb forum, to be more exact it is the table which contains all the text data. When I try to get data from the table every single and double quote is replaced by a ? mark symbol, does any one know much about magic quotes may be that could be the problem, I have tried reviewing the php file for the phpbb forum (viewtopic.php) which displays messages to see how the code gets the data from the database, I havnt found anything in the file that gives a hint as to what it could be.

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