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what is this "site.php@menu=x&lang=y&page=z"

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When i was browsing the code from some already made websites i came across different file structure than the normal html. In the main folder of the site there is directory pics, index.html, index.sof (which i dont know), and a bunch of files that start like "site.php@menu=x&lang=y&page=z" (where x, y z are variables).

If anyone can point me to a good tutorial or just what i should type in a browser to get some more info i would really appreciate it.

Simon ::)

edit: I found some info abot $_GET superglobals in the faq. Hope this helps.

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index.sof may just be a php file but someone gave the MIME type to .sof... ?menu=x.. to get the value of menu just use <?php echo $_GET['menu'] ?> this will display anything between menu= and a &..


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When i open sof file with notepad it lists all the files located in the main folder:

index.htm   text/htmlđ8mřüâ@   
$  site.php@page=home&menu=land&lang=si   text/html\8mřüâ@   
$  site.php@page=home&menu=snow&lang=si   text/html6Amřüâ@    . 
site.php@menu=land&page=mountainbiking&lang=si   text/html”IŞmřüâ@    -

This is the first part of the file then it lists all other "site.php@menu=x&lang=y&page=z" files with text/html on the end like above.

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