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Help on understanding Arrays

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I am hoping someone will be inclined to explain to me how array's work and what type of array I would use.  I have a book that i was reading up on array's but it talks about all the different kinds of arrays and now I am confused.

I have a table that was working but I have done some database normilization and now I need to change things around a bit. 

I have 7 fields in a form to list a part number (they were called part 1, part 2, etc.) and then I have 7 more fields for a parts description (they were called number 1, number2, etc.).  In my database I have a column called part and another column called number.  I need to create a query where it will insert the data from the 2 fields into the DB, but not add any empty rows if there weren't 7 part numbers or descriptions.

I was told to use an array to do this, but I am lost on this, and haven't been able to google anything that really explains (in noobie terms) how an array works or how to set it up.

I appreciate any help


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Look at the following Zend tutorial on arrays.
There are more array things to find on the Zend site. Look for it.

Ronald  8)

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