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Email Management

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How do I go about setting up an email management processor on a web site. I have registered members that I need to establish if their email addresses are up to date and at the same time give my users the option to opt out of the web site mailing list and if required allow them to update their account. The main requirement is to process the bounced mail for those users whos email box is full, closed or other server failings. The bounce mail triggers a susspension on the users profile. After three attempts (once a month) with further bounces the email address is deleted from the mailing list and the user deleted.

I am thinking in terms of a server or web site side php script rather than on my computer. A fully automated process that sends out  a templated newsletter and at the same time validates the problem email address that cause bounces.

I am using a cms postnuke that fails  manage user accounts effectively.

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You need to look into imap functions

I am not 100% on this so if you need further assistance just post back

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