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Adding additional values to a variable


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I'm trying to add some modifications to my phpBB site by getting information from a database on one of my other sites. It's pulling information correctly, but I'm having trouble adding more information to a variable. I actually so confused myself that it's going to be hard for me to explain this in propper terms.

Here is the code I have so far:

[code=php:0]$query1="SELECT * FROM xcart_products WHERE add_date < '$today_date' && add_date > '$minus_five_days'";
//echo $numrows1;
if ($numrows1 < 2)
$latest_prod = "Latest product: ";
$latest_prod = "Latest products: ";
$count = 0;
while ($count < $numrows1)
//echo $product." - ";
//The above variables will be included in: <a href="http://store.plastikracing.net/product.php? productid={PRODUCT_ID}" target="_blank">{PRODUCT}  <img src="http://store.plastikracing.net/product_images/t_{PRODUCT_ID}.jpg" width="50" height="38"></a><br>
} [/code]

Bascially, in that loop, there is a chance that "numrows1" is going to be greater than 1. Here is what I want to do. Let's say there is 1 row in the database that matches the criteria. The information pulled from that row will be inserted into a variable like so:

[code=php:0]$display_product = "<a href='http://store.plastikracing.net/product.php?productid=".$product_id." target='_blank'>".$product."<img src='http://store.plastikracing.net/product_images/t_".$product_id.".jpg' width='50' height='38'></a><br>";[/code]

Now, let's assume there are 2 products that match the criteria. I would like the 2nd product to be added to the end of the $display_product like so:

[code=php:0]$display_product = "<a href='http://store.plastikracing.net/product.php?productid=".$product_id[0]." target='_blank'>".$product[0]."<img src='http://store.plastikracing.net/product_images/t_".$product_id[0].".jpg' width='50' height='38'></a><br><a href='http://store.plastikracing.net/product.php?productid=".$product_id[1]." target='_blank'>".$product[1]."<img src='http://store.plastikracing.net/product_images/t_".$product_id[1].".jpg' width='50' height='38'></a><br>";[/code]

Does anyone have any suggestions? I was looking at using implode(), but I'm no too familiar with arrays.
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