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Dynamic LIMIT for recordsets

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Hi all,


I'm still very novice when it comes to PHP/mySQL.

Here's what i'm trying to do.....I think the way that DW inserts the code is making it hard for me to figure out myself


I need to somehow limit the output of a recordset using dynamic values - I don't know if it's easier to do this when defining the recordset (using LIMIT) or when ECHOing the results on the page in a different way


Any pointers would be VERY much appreciated





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Myself I always use a mysql statement as much as I can to filter the data. It's a lot more efficient than selecting a whole table and filtering it yourself with php.


just incorporate the values as variables into your query


$query = "SELECT * FROM my_table WHERE this=that LIMIT $row_offset, $rows";

OR you can only select certain fields as well

$query = "SELECT column1, column2, column4 FROM my_table WHERE this=that LIMIT $row_offset, $rows";

AND you may also skip the offset if you just want the first x rows


moving on...


then store the result

$result = mysql_query($query);


then do whatever with the result set


Hopefully thats what you were talking about :P

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I finally got it :D


I think the problem had something to do with dreamweaver's variable passed from the URL and my manual variables not working together.


Anyway - all is fixed now. Thanks again

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LIMIT works, but if you require pagination you will need a more suitable arrangement. Check phpfreaks pagination tutorial to find out more.


As you posted in the Dreamweaver forum I assume you are using dreaweaver. Use the behaviours in the application panel. You can dynamically limit the recors returned from there. F1 launches the manual.

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