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Need Help For anti Java spoofer

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hi all!

i am running a java based chatspace version! and i am facing problem that some ppl coming via IRC by using Java spoofer .. please if any1 can make a anti java script for stopping them.
here i am pasting that spoofer script. if any1 can help me please help me.. it will be a great help for me from u Java script masters!..

[b]#spoof on
raw 307:*:{ raw -q JAVAAUTH $DLL(jspoof.dll,CalcChecksum,$$4) $crlf | halt }
raw 386:*:{ halt }
raw 388:*:{ halt }
raw 433:*:{ if ($2 == $me) { .quote NICK $anick } }
on ^*:LOGON:*:{ .quote USER $gettok($email,1,45) "CSJava v2.1" : $+ $iif($fullname != $chr(64),$ifmatch) | .quote NICK $me | halt }
#spoof end[/b]

waiting for ur response

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