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[RESOLVED] need date format assistance

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I have three date fields I need to display on my mysql query results page and I can't seem to find how to display them in the %M%d%Y format rather than the mysql format of yyyy-mm-dd
here is my query....I also want to pull all other fields from this table as well.

$query_rscars = sprintf("SELECT * FROM cars WHERE name = '$carlist'", $name_rscars,$name_rscars);

I've read its best done with the mysql script and not the PHP script.

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Okkkkkk  I figured this out ;D

query reads...(red is the code I needed assistance with)
$query_rscars = sprintf("SELECT *, [color=red]DATE_FORMAT(purchase_date, "%%b %%d %%Y") AS fpurchasedate, DATE_FORMAT(sell_date, "%%b %%d %%Y") AS fselldate, DATE_FORMAT(service_date, "%%b %%d %%Y") AS fservicedate[/color]  FROM cars WHERE name = '$carlist', $name_rscars, $name_rscars");

HTML results page reads.....

<?php echo $row_rscars['fpurchasedate']; ?>
<?php echo $row_rscars['fselldate']; ?>
<?php echo $row_rscars['fservicedate']; ?>

Web page view....
purchase date:  Aug 22, 2005
sell date: Aug 5, 2006
servicedate: Jul 17, 2006

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