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Dynamic Gallery... is this possible in PHP?

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Hi all,

For a long time I've had a hard-coded photography gallery on my website.  I've always wanted to have a dynamic gallery but haven't ever found one that gives me the ability to do what I want... I want the flexibility so am going to code this myself.

I'm not sure if this is actually possible in PHP though, so bear with me whilst I give a quick overview...

I have a folder on my host called 'gallery'.  In this gallery I want to put folders for different themes or seperate galleries (e.g. Weekend_in_Paris folder or James_-_21st_Birthday folder).

Inside these fodlers I'll then put the pictures (e.g. Eiffel_Tower.jpg, Museum_Exterior.jpg).

What I would like to do is the following:

Parse through my Gallery folder and for every sub-folder: make a link to another page which is called the folder without the _'s.  E.g. 'Weekend in Paris' or 'James - 21st Birthday' links going to new pages/galleries of the same name.

When this link is clicked on it wil take you to the actual photograph gallery.  In this new page there will be thumbnails of all the photographs (stored in a 'thumbnail' sub-folder).  This will be dynamic, so if a new photograph is stored in the folder, it will be automtically on this gallery page (similarily, this will happen on the higher level when a new (non-empty) folder is entered into the gallery folder.

Finaly, when a thumbnail is clicked on a new page will be displayed with the full-sized photograph displyed.

Now, all I would like to know is: is this possible in PHP?  Would I be better off coding this in a different scripting language?  It's been about 4/5 years since I've touched any scripting language and PHP so it'll be learning it again from scratch regardless of what I choose.  I would just like to know what the ideal language would be for this functionality?

I apologise for: the length of this post and my English.  I can never explain what I would like without confusing everyone (including myself)!

Any help is greatly appreciated though.

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Take a look at [url=http://robm.me.uk/projects/simplegal/]SimpleGal[/url]

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