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outputting valid rss in php

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I have a database with news entries in it in mysql, i'm grabbing the data, and then trying to output that data as a valid rss feed, but the feed just shows up as text in the browser. i must be missing something, but when i view the source code, it looks identical to every other rss feed i've ever seen. the code to generate the rss is in a smarty tpl file":

[code]<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rss version="2.0"
    <title>Roldan + Berengue, arqts.</title>
    <description>News from the office of Miguel Roldan and Merce Berengue</description>
<title>Roldan + Berengue, arqts.</title>
{foreach from=$news item=item key=key}
  {if $item.enclosure != ""}
  <enclosure url="{$item.enclosure}" length="{$item.bytes}" type="{$item.type}" />

but it shows up like this: http://dave.showviz.net/rbweb/news/rss/

no clue what's wrong, but i know it's something simple. thanks for your help,

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i figured it out from a tutorial on kirupa.com ... i wasn't giving a content-type header in the php code. hope this might help someone else some day also: kirupa.com/web/mysql_xml_php.htm

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