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Dreamweaver MX Ver 6

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I had been having problems with DW for some time after getting an error that certain functions are not available or do not exist.


most from the toolbar functions.


after looking around i found a slight fix by renaming a file toolbars.xml or something like that.


this seem to fix the issue but now i do not have any toolbars.


so in the end after many hours backing up the whole pc i reinstalled my pc completely! (distructive install)


then installed everything one by one and found that DW seem to be ok again, but after doing all the windows updates it seems to have caused the issue to come back, but i can not comfirm that it was an update that caused this to go wrong again as i had not used DW enough to find this out.


so again i get this windows alert pop up box saying that the functions are not valid or available.


does anyone know why this is happening after all these years of using DW with no problem at all.  and more importantly how do i fix this so DW works as it should work in the first place.



hope someone has an answer as i can not find anything else online to sort this out.

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