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default variable

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Hi guys,
I've written the code below and its all working but I can't figure out the next step. Basically I have a page with a list of products when you click on a product it passes the variable to the next page wich displays all of the related parts.

How do I set up this page to have a default vale incase someone gets to that page without the variable being set? If someone could point me in the right direction I'd be very happy!!

$ModelSelect = $_GET['ModelSelect'];
//basically I want a line here somewhere that says if $ModelSelect is null then 'Model1'  

if (!$conn)
  {exit("Connection Failed: " . $conn);}
$sql="SELECT * FROM Parts_Intranet WHERE Model='$ModelSelect'";
if (!$rs)
  {exit("Error in SQL");}

echo "<table border='1' cellpadding='2' cellspacing='0' class='Body2'><tr>";

while (odbc_fetch_row($rs))
  $AirPressureSwitch=odbc_result($rs,"AIR Pressure Switch");
  $AutoAirVent=odbc_result($rs,"AUTO Air Vent");
  echo "<tr><td>Model</td><td>$Model</td></tr>";
  echo "<tr><td>File Name</td><td>$FileName</td></tr>";
  echo "<tr><td>Air Pressure Switch</td><td>$AirPressureSwitch</td></tr>";
  echo "<tr><td>Auto Air Vent</td><td>$AutoAirVent</td></tr>";


echo "</table>";

Thanks in advance.

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Give that a try...

if (!isset($_GET['ModelSelect'])){
  $ModelSelect = "model";


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