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ToggleKeys and Group Policy?


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Morning all!


I work at school that is "Accessibility" mad. They turn on Sticky Keys, Filter Keys or Toggle Keys and press the buttons to make noise and distract the teacher. I'd like to rain on their parade by disabling it. Nobody in the school uses those three options.


What I'd like to know is, can I disable these functions via Group Policy? I'd like to avoid a startup script if possible and either keep it purely registry based or use a Software Restriction policy to stop them. I've tried deleting the registry key that holds the value but it still keeps toggling. I've also tried using Process Monitor to find out what it's doing and where it's doing it, but can't find much useful information..


I'd like to avoid blocking ALL accessibility functions, as we have a few students and staff who need to use the high-contrast functions of the accessibility settings.


I've had a look on Google, but none of the solutions there work. Instead, they recommend installing software to all machines which isn't very practival..

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