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help with 3 tables..


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Im looking for much needed advice. I have 3 user tables in a database set to 25000 max entries, i have over 60000 users. so table 1 and 2 are full, with 10,000 entries in table 3.

This runs my multiplayer pool site, www.8baller.co.uk - he said he coded it it like that ( mutliple user tables ) to make it faster etc. coz the game is really mysql intensive. Iv just bought a dedicated server and now everything is hosted in the same place, so i can now start messing with the database and creating my own stats etc..

But how do i get values of all 3 tables? so say...i want to display the newest user...so it would be entry 10001 in user table 3.. how on earth do i find out which table number the newest user is in? and how do i say pick the guy with the highest score out of all 3 user tables?

Im confused lol.
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[quote]he said he coded it it like that ( mutliple user tables ) to make it faster etc.[/quote]

How odd.... So do you have some existing code we can look at?  He must either be looking at rownum or a auto incrementing ID or something.

Maybe show us the code used to 'insert a new user' into the DB?

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