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Do some script coding for website?

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Hi there,
I want to have a page, like for example, that it gets from the MySQL database, if it's like for example, "#include layouts/default/enterpage.php;". I want it to read that it needs to include a page, and include this page. I know that I can do that by searching for all #include then look after the include and etc. but you know, is there any better way?

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Nvm, solved here is what I use:
$in = "#include";
if($pos = strpos($content, $in)){
$pos = strpos($content, $in);
$content = substr($content, 0, $pos) . "" . substr($content, $pos+strlen($in));
include(trim(substr($content, $pos, strpos($content, ";") - 1)));
$content = ReplaceOne(substr($content, $pos, strpos($content, ";")), "", $content);

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